What is the number one thing hiring managers look for when searching for the best candidates? Of course, it’s ‘fit’ into the organization – but that is demonstrated through the confidence and competence of candidates? There are many books that discuss how you can improve both your confidence and competence in searching for employment.


This is the Only Job Search Book You Will Ever Need because it goes beyond the other books by being the first book to include specific actions that combine marketing techniques to stand out as the best available candidate on the market.


This book focuses on the stories, anecdotes and deliberate actions of the author that helped him and countless others find meaningful employment and grow in their careers.

This book has 3 primary areas to boost confidence and competence:

  • Actions to take when looking for employment
  • Using the 4P’s of marketing to sell yourself – with examples of putting them in action
  • Helping others to succeed in their quest


In the 150 pages in this book, I’ll show you how to market yourself with the same techniques major companies use to sell products every day.